Monday, October 19, 2009



So I'm getting married and everything. Konventional Kumari act I'm doing. But who cares, I'm happy as a clam :D

I'm marrying a government babu called M in the auspicious month of margazhi. M is a scientist with too many degree kaapis after his name. So ya, that's the news.

Burst some crackers.


Gymnast said...


Imran said...

ah, thats so heartbreaking for me, but congrats...(sobs uncontrollably over his keyboard)

miapan said...

OhMiGod, Gounderbrownie...I've been an avid reader since your Gounder Brownie blog days, and I never saw this post coming ! Congratulations to you and M ...!!!

Bharathi said...

You opened up the news like a diwali cracker. Congratulations. So, from here on we can also read on your witty comments on married life. I am eagerly waiting.

artnavy said...

is mr gb as gifted with words as you?

Radhika said...

Congrashulashions, you no more a Kumari.

vishesh said...

lol :P this is the result of all those posts and comments(about getting married blah blah) :P

Anyway Congrats :D :D :D Are we invited?

A said...

am i not the first love of your life though?

Sowmya Srikrishnan said...


Loved some of your posts. Hilarious place you have here.

frissko said...

cool...congratulations! you're going to continue to be a Besant Ngr beach patron or you'll have to find some other beach to sit in?...We'll stand by for some marital hilarity...

vivace said...

Congratulations Brownie!!!

Anonymous said...

Hurray! concracktulations GB!
Another scientist in ze family...! :P

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

Concracktulations! :) I am very amused that you are settling for a scientist finally considering some of the opinions you'd aired to me about the said species :) I am most happy for you and I wish you two a blissful married life :)

p.s: If you will permit, I would like to send you a wedding gift.

Sathya said...

Hey there...congrats...really a gud news..wishes to M too...hope ur blogs continue to revererate us after u wedding.. :)

The Visitor said...

Really! I can't believe it. I thought that Brownies dont marry? :/

Dumbstruck for words.

Well wish M luck - I hope he survives GB. :P

Congratulations on getting your own personal 'rant-outlet'. :D


PS: Ah! That explains that dressed-up GB in your profile photo.

Srinivas said...

wow! Great news indeed. Many congratulations! :)

K S Selvakumar said...

I told everyone at home. All their reactions were similar to mine. Dis-belief!

Everyone send their commiserations to Dr M, and happy wishes to GB.

Some word verification noises. :)

Anonymous said...

congrats gb!!! tell us more about mr.m did u meet etc.

GB said...

@Gymnast- Thanks :)

@Imran- Ah, you waited too long to make your moves Harouni!!

@Miapan- Thank you. I never saw it coming either!

@Bharathi- Sure. Quite a few witty posts are already queued inside my head about wedding-related stuff. Ellam varum!

@Artnavy- Thanks! Mr GB used to write movie reviews on his blog long long ago. Will post link after the wedding :D

@Radhika- Thanks. Still a Kumari wonly. Yen peru Kumari.

@Vishesh- Sure, come and bless me.

@A- Dump Maria and say the word, we can go to Vietnam.

@Sowmya- Thanks :)

@Frissko- To a place without a beach, unfortunately. But there are hills to compensate. And do stand's coming soon!!

@Vivace- Thanks Vivace!

@Anonymous- Yup :D Are you secretly in love with Surjeet btw? :)

@KS- Thank yous. Yeah, send me a huge gift from Arijona :D

@Sathya- Thanks! Will do!

@The Visitor- M apparently liked your comment the best since I am ranting unbelievably these days. And yeah,I had to dress up and be a shy bride-to-be a month back :D

@Srini- Thanks :)

@KS Selva- Haha...I like the total family shock :)I shocked myself the most though.

@Anonymous- Will tell, will tell. All in good time!

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

@GB: Great! Let me know the date. And I need an address to deliver to.

Bharathi said...

I forgot to mention. Your manmatha rasa would have been deeply disappointed hearing this news :D

Blogeswari said...

'Sow'bhagyavathi - vaazhtukkal penne

Anonymous said...

Dear Emma Woodhouse,

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa????? I say, whaaaaa???

Sikrit admirer of Stanford Barnala va????

Haath lagi na, tho khoob pitaayi karoongi thaeri! :P

Gael, I don’t even know your Bade Bhai Saheb!! I haven’t even SEEN him! Just read that one samosa/veg puff article of his and wondered how could a person have such a Sikh-sounding first name coupled with a pukka south Indian surname! Did your daddy name him after some communist leader??

To me, he is just an interesting character out of your write-ups/blogposts – just like Prema Joseph, Sundari the Wart, Elizabeth, Nivy, and Birbal, King Vicky, Mayuri the blue-skinned mutant, Aana and Chena! :P hee hee hee!

I don’t know these ‘people’ personally but only from what you’ve written about them in your blog and comment sections!!

Gael, you’ll never make a Sherloke ‘Omes! :D

And I’m not one to fall for these nuclear research scientist types, anyway! ;)


P.S.1: When are you moving to Kalpakkam?? :P
P.S.2: Does M stand for Manmaza Raaza? :D:D
P.S.3: I M Evil! Muhahaha! :D

Sathya said...

as ur blog fan, wil i get invited to ur wedding... :P...wud luv to attend it...

Vini said...

Sarcasm, Marriage, Scientist! I am all excited :)

All the best GB!

M S said...

Congrats GB!

Now the blog world can break out in riotous colours of celebration, for Gounder Brownie is finally tying a significant knot. :-)

Congrats to M too!


The Bride said...

Glad you're happy as a clam! Congrats!

GB said...

@Bharathi- Yeah, you know Asin used to be his ex-gf? Too many hot women has he lost for one lifetime :D

@Blogeswari- Nandri akka, I'm coming to youvar state wonly!

@Anonymous- Okay okay. You lowe only me. Accepted. Not Kalpakkam and all. Somewhere else I'm going. Manmadha Rasa's heart is in many parts.

@Sathya- Ellam panren pa, modhalla print aagatum the invitations.

@Vini- Haha, thanks :)

@MS- Wow, you make it seem like Deepavali :D Thanks!

@The Bride- Thanks ladies!

Pri said...

what the what?

p.s. my word verification is mated.

Maddy said...


Pathinaarum petru peru vaazhvu vaalga!