Monday, August 9, 2010



N and I used to do a comic called Interval for the magazine. I did the writing and N did the illustrations. It was a 3-pager, black and white, and was about this nameless boy whose life was remarkably like our own. It was a popular series in the magazine and we loved working on it together. I still have the mails and postcards that children wrote to us telling us how much they loved reading it. That bundle will probably be the first thing I take and run if the house is on fire.

However, since we've both quit and walked into the sunset since then, we can no longer work on the comic. Copyrights owned by the corporates and all that. But we miss working on the comic. And nothing can keep two good women down if they really set their minds to it. Especially if they are nasty and lovely at the same time.

So here it is, children: P.I.G

Most of the strips will be insider jokes because we're extraordinarily fond of ourselves. But we hope you will get some of it too.

Go on and be a pig.


vishesh said...


kaddu said...

Lol! :D Hilarious blog!! :)

Saya said...

yay.. :-) a pig connection. i love pigs you know.

Heathcliffs Girl said...

i am is the louwings it!

Uncle Srini said...


Never read comics even as a 5-year old (prolly because I was already 10 by then. lol) But will check this out when time permits.


GB said...

@Vishesh- :)

@Kaddu- Thanks, visit P.I.G and leave us a line too!

@Saya- Yay. Drop in, drop in!

@Heathcliffs Girl- Then why you no comment there, men?

@Uncle- Comics have never been only for children. And some of the wisest words I've read have come to me from Peanuts and Calvin.

Uncle Srini said...


Granted! :D

Heathcliffs Girl said...

"2much men". i havent heard that in a while! i did hear kwel recently though!