Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gounder Brownie ka Baap


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So my father is now a blogger. Really. This is a moment to walk down memory lane and all that, but let's follow his policy of 'First Things First' and put down the link immediately. Here it is:

Baap re Baap

As you can see, it's a law blog and that's what he's going to write about since he's a lawyer and everything. He's even managed to upload a profile photo. Parents are so precocious these days. So if you have legal problems (and as a family, we hope you have lots), be sure to leave a comment, ok?

Since my father asked me to put up his link on my blog, I'm tempted to take a potshot at how he used to consistently inform me during my college days that I was wasting my time by writing things for which nobody was ever going to issue me a certificate. But parents make mistakes when we're growing up and as selfless children we ought to forgive them.

My eyes cloud over with memories as I remember how my father took his first, hesitant baby footsteps into the world of computers. The mouse scared him. My brother's temper scared him even more. He would copiously make notes and follow the step by step instructions written down by his antsy children. Ah, those were the days of Reality TV outside the television box.

(Since all this flashback is taking up too much time, I'm going to quickly play a song and move ahead several years. Here it is: *song beginning with chorus*)

And then, my father became a Facebooker and began Liking all my status messages. Even ones that said 'Jonathan Daddia is now following me on Twitter *drool*'.

Now, he's a blogger. Maybe he will tweet next. The future is wide open.

My daddy's all grown up.


Srinivas said...

aap ke pitha ko "blogging mubaarak!" :D (my Hindi is quite honestly unquietly terrible! :D)

I am sure you put up the link on your own being a nice daughter and all! ;) Which tells me I should for my dad too (although bel...ated because appa has been blogging for close to two years now!) Parents, these days, pppaa! :D

PS: I still remember the "pressure cooker" lines. Whenever I cite GB's blog, I cite that couplet! :D

Raj said...

That's awesome.

My mom can't remember the gmail id that my sister created for official purpose :)

P.S: She is a HM in a govt school

CMCK said...

Ha ha too much GB!!
I dont know why I was gleeing after I finished reading this post. I remember dad, totally frustrated with Vodafone's (was Hutch back then) repetitive SMS reminders on his monthly bills, replied to one of those messages like this:
"Bill paid.Stop torturing please whoever this is!!"
And my mom who is a facebooker(checks updates more frequently than me) has the habit of like-it-if-its-from-your-progeny..I wish they liked everything we say to them in person too :-D

Chandrima said...

Real cool! Lots of best wishes to your father, and it is really a good news that we have an experienced lawyer in our reach!

Minka said...

Cool !! I am happy to see a net-savvy appa. Mine was a radar engineer and you would think he'd be net savvy - but no - he instructs my retired maths teacher amma on where to click and what to type. I thought it was my temper but your appa lives to tell a different tale. Kudos !

You have brought him up well. Sorry - I meant the other way ( I can has legal problems ok !!!)

The Bride said...

"Parents are so precocious these days." Love it! For those whose parents are not computer savvy, move out of the country and they will miraculously learn. If they don't, have a baby. My mom signs into skype herself these days.

Way back when my mom was first learning how to check email, I got a frantic call at the office. "something else is written there," she wailed. Turned out I had keyed in my email as the login and she didn't know she could delete it without the computer exploding. Two minutes later my colleagues phone rang... her dad, asking the exact same question!

The Visitor said...

That's great news...

Hey Kids - give us a break will you? If it's anything to do with Child custody or Customer protection, you still have to consult a lawyer. More the experience the better.

For instance do you know what was the outcome of Jagdish Chander v State of Haryana or P.B.Biksdapathi v State of A.P?

So there...

Convey my welcome to your dad's entry into blogosphere.

PS: He might remember me as the shady guy going around clicking pictures during your marriage. ;)

Jasper said...

I was also like your father. My daughter entered U.S in Fall 2009. Due to her compulsion, I learnt how to use computer.One man (I always treat him as my son. Since he is very friendly with me.) from hardware company came and taught computer. He told me that first of all to catch mouse and that would take 10 days sarcastically and went by getting RS 250 from me.I tried to learn by calling him through phone and somehow I managed to learn computer within 2 days in my 45 th age. I am a house wife . But ,basically I did PG in Maths with B.Ed.I made many gmail ids,video chatting, yahoo id,you tube entry,knew to load songs in my account and to see films,made orkut and face book accounts and finally I am giving comments to blogs.

Jil Jil Ramamani said...

Omg, I see where my dad is heading. FB - Check. I rest in the peace giving knowledge that my mom cannot remember my blog's url.

GB said...

@Srini- driving post seems to have been the most memorable from my old blog. I might go for driving classes again. That too, in Hindi.

@Raj- Hehe. Both my parents are champs now. They grew up all too soon.

@CMCK- ROFL! Parents do the darndest things.

@Chandrima- Yup. He's watching his stat counter and comments all day, so ask away!

@Minka- Thank you, thank you. Here's hoping you have aplenty!

@The Bride- My mum would login, disconnect the net (in the days when there was no broadband), painfully type an email, click send, and then get Page Cannot Be Displayed. She would then wail that she lost her email!

@The Visitor- Yeah, he remembers you. Every time we play that horrendous wedding DVD in which I look like I have mumps, my dad points you out.

@Jasper- Most parents seem to learn computers to be in touch with their offspring who are trying desperately not to add them on Facebook...hehe. Welcome! Glad to know you've mastered the art!

@Jil Jil- Apocalypse is near. Pack the Electrol and biscuits.

Just Like That said...

:-) YOu make me miss my Daddy...

Just Like That said...

and yeah, congrats and best wishes to your dad. :-)

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