Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Book, Children

Mayil Will Not Be Quiet is here at last.

Isn't that the most fantastic-looking cover ever? The Amazing Miss Niveditha Subramaniam, or the famous N w
ho appears on this blog frequently, did it.

We wrote this book together, so you can be assured it's fabulous.

The launch is happening in Chennai at Landmark (yeah, we're big league, children), Apex Plaza, at 2 pm on March 8th. Why don't you show up and take our autographs, eh? You can even take a picture with us and hang it in your drawing room. How cool will that be, HAAAAAAAAAAN?

There will be a book reading followed by a discussion. Come ask me which team do I think will win the World Cup. And bring your whistles and balloons along.

You can order the book here: http://www.tulikabooks.com/paperback13.htm

Click on the ISBN and pay up!

If you want to interact with the two supreme intellectuals who wrote this book, visit our microsite *ahem* here: http://mayil.tulikabooks.com/

We'll be putting up cartoon strips and posts and a whole lot of fundastic item numbers there. WATCH OUT!!


Srinivas said...

All the besht-est (as my Niece would say :D) with the launch, GB and N! :) I would have loved to be there for the book launch had I not been a couple of time zones away, nonetheless best wishes for the book :)


Bhavani said...


My card was rejected when I tried to pay for some strange reasons. Will buy it from Landmark else if you are travelling via Mumbai do let me know. Will buy it from you.

Congrats again!

Shreyas said...


hahaha, I love the demented looking spider!

Vini said...

The drawings are fabulous. As for the writing, I will have to read it, won't I? :)

I actually might make it. Soon as I find out where Apex Plaza is that is. Why aren't you doing this on a weekend?

Raj said...

Congratulations & like the name of the character.

If only the event had been on a weekend, I would have turned up to shower some flowers and all that :)

Not Prema Joseph aka GB Stalker said...

I will be there. But you won't know it's me. [Muhahaha]

I might even ask ask some High Brow(nie) type quastins.

Dr.Magesuji comradeji is coming for launch a? I will take fotus of yung couple since I missed ze wedding.

Introduce me to The Old Timer(s) Visitor Aunty n Uncle too. ok?

I r huge Nivy-GB fan! Mayil is like full-length 'Interval'! I r super-excited! Yay!

@ Vini and Raj: cos March 8th is the 100th International Women's Day! :)

Chandrima said...

Keep going!! Best of luck to both of you for the new release!

Anonymous said...

If only all promotions are this fun to read!

CW said...

Congratulations to both of you!

vishesh said...

I will wear the same shades as in my FB DP so that you know it is me. So do I call you brownie or by your name? next quasteen to Ms. Brownie is alright aa?

Judy Balan said...

Oh yay! I will be there. With rose garlands from Pondy bazaar and orange and gold ponnadais. Awesomeness. Congrats, you two. Yes, the cover rocks.

Kookaburra said...

I have a niece who is 12 going on 13 right there in Chennai! :)
and I could successfully place the online order for that book - yeay.
hopefully she will bring the copy to me when she visits me on 23rd! :)
Passed on the launch message to her father, but wasnt sure if 2pm on a school day would work out for a visit to landmark ... so ordered online!

GB said...

Thank you, everybody!I hope you enjoy reading the book (psstt...BUY it already!!). Look forward to seeing some of you in Landmark!

semi said...

I read the book!!!!!!! I LOVE it!!! It was as if peaking into MY diary (2 yrs back I used to write like that :/) It tingled so much familiarity in me that it creeped me out! =D I just LOVE it!!

GB said...

@Semi- You can't imagine how happy I am to hear that!!! Do spread the word! Were you at the launch?? Also, do interact with Mayil at http://mayil.tulikabooks.com

Plankton said...

Just wanted to let you know - I was at Landmark the other day and couldn't find Aana and Chena etc anywhere. I looked. You need more publicity, methinks. And your own shelf. They should put your books on that New Arrivals shelf that everyone sees when they enter.

semi said...

@GB I didn't come for the book launch! but by awesome co incidence my mom got me the book! Surely I'm spreading the word!! Mayil will not BE quiet you see =P

GB said...

@Semi- Would you like to do a book review? We're going to put up reader-reviews on the site soon. Let me know!