Tuesday, March 22, 2011



I've been gone from here for a while. So much has been going on that there's just too much to update. I've been writing posts inside my head when on my evening walks, but it's going to be a while before those make it here. I know, mysterious and full of suspense I'm being. Hold your breath, children. I will reveal all when the time is ripe.

I turned 25 this month. M gave me mayil-blue clothes that I could wear for my launch. I also got a doll. Okay, now before you imagine that I'm some Genelia-like character who can't sleep without a huggy toy, I must tell you the story.

When I was in Class II, our school (St Joseph's) had a Christmas raffle and the prize was this amazing-looking doll called Nikita. I was six years old then and I remember praying hard to Jesus Almighty Lord during Assembly to grant me the gift of that doll. I was very, very sure I was going to win it because I'd prayed so hard and y'all know how tough that is for a kid from a Marxist family, right? But of course, Jesus ditched me and this eruma-maadu 11th standard girl won Nikita instead of me. I was devastated. I spent several years of my life trying to find Nikita in Chennai but I never did. This is also when I became an atheist. True story.

So anyway, I saw Nikita in a shop here in Pune and I told M this tragic story of mine. At the end of it, I even had a tear in my eye and all. This is why I'm a writer, see? I feel so much, I must spill out and so on. And then, when my birthday came, M got the doll and all. It's an awwww moment, feel free to express it, children. I secretly talk to Nikita when nobody's at home. The beginnings of schizophrenia, maybe.

The launch of Mayil Will Not Be Quiet went on very well, much better than we hoped. Both N and I were terribly nervous about having to face a bunch of pre-teens, but in the end, we managed to pull it off.

If you want to read the reviews, go here and here. Even if you don't want to read the reviews, you better click on those links.The book should be available in bookstores and on Flipkart soon.

My mum went to Landmark yesterday to take stock of all my books and rearrange them on top of the shelves (it's a family trait). She didn't find Mayil on the Tulika shelf. Do you know why? Because it was in the bestseller rack of the children's books section! Now isn't that something? Why don't you buy a copy and make us even more bestselling, eh?

N is visiting this weekend. Among other things, we're planning to do a creative writing and illustrations workshop for the children in my colony. The friendly neighborhood aunty I'm becoming.

All in all, I'm in a happy place in life right now. Maybe I should put a hugeass dhrishti pottu on my face and walk around. Hoooooorrraayy.


Kookaburra said...

Wish you many happy returns of these days! birthday and all of it around it! :) ...

I couldnt be present personally but somebody else (who has talked to me about many writers and who has writer friends) happened to be standing at the landmark while you were talking and he had very good remarks about how good your interaction was! Very confident and lively interaction I heard! :)

Chandrima said...

Thumbs up! For all the good deeds you are doing and receiving! Happy belated Birthday. I am highly looking forward for our special Sunday session of Story telling and Illustration. Also trying hard to bring up some of the non-neighborhood kids/mums. I assure you that story telling Aunties are as yummy as chocolate cakes for neighbourhood kids!

Srinivas said...

Lovely to know :)

At least you speak to a doll and when nobody is at home. I speak all the time to myself, at home when others are around, and even on the road while walking. :D

Savour your happiness, GB! :)

R's Mom said...

I have been reading your blog since your first anniversary post..it was seriously Awww...I think I am going to gift this book to a 10 year old I know who is as much a crazy reader as I am...belated happy bday to you and am sure the book will do great...

vishesh said...

yes yes you were very good. :P

Dee said...

Well, happy Birthday frst of all! And is that a boo launch you are taking about? Then congratulations on that one too! I really laughed at the ermai maadu epithet, reminded me so much of my dear mum, she loved to call me that, and I probably deserved it when i behaved like a lazy oaf!I want to get to India and get your book now! Like your style!!!!

Dee said...

Book book-please my typos are unforgivable-but pls have it in ur heart to forgive me!!!

smartassbride said...

happy happy b'day GB!

Ramya said...

Happy birthday!

Oh, and gifting Nikita is totally an awwww thing to do. But its okay to talk to Nikita. I talk to random things around the house all the time. That's not okay, you say? Hmm..

And congratulations on the book doing well!

Madhu said...

Belated Birthday wishes from a fellow Piscean and CONGRAGULATIONS on the book launch.You very well deserve all the accolades. Enjoy!

CMCK said...

You are a wonder at 25! way to go woman!hugeass dhrishtipottu is a must now :-O

The Bride said...

I clicked on the links because you ordered us to and now I want to read the book myself! I will buy when I'm in India. I wish I had someone to gift it to but I guess that someone can just be myself. And also, glad the birthday was happy!

Kookaburra said...

My niece loved it! I will get to see the book tomorrow. My niece wasnt aware that I ordered it and she was excited to tell me, that she loved it. She had even read about the authors(!!!) and told me they were college friends! :)
I am waiting excitedly to see the book by tomorrow morning!

GB said...

@Kookaburra- Yay!! I forwarded both your comments to N. She was kicked too! Hope you really enjoy it!

@Chandrima- We still don't know what we're going to do exactly, but hopefully, genius will strike at the right moment!

@Srini- Do you sleepwalk also and say "Out damned spot!"?

@R's Mom- Thank you, thank you. You should read it too!

@Vishesh- Why, thank you, men!

@Dee- You'll be forgiven when you read the book. Only.

@Smartassbride- Thangoo!

@Ramya- Anything random wins my approval. Talk all you want!

@Madhu- Thank you!!

@CMCK- Going to put straightaway!

@The Bride- Hope you come soon to India then! Or wait. Maybe we'll become so bestselling, we do an international tour. Wouldn't that be something?

Srinivas said...

yenna GB, idhu: how would "I" know if I sleep walk? ;) :D

Anonymous said...

Wow gb you had a traumatic childhood. First it was that stoopid steevidya and then a 11 std erumai maadu. Watever it all happened for good eh lol

Ranj said...

happy birthday! I don't know when I'm going to have a baby, but I know two things, baby will have to learn Mohiniattam and read your books. Talk about parental aspirations ;)