Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Random Rangan


I'm presently reading a collection of short stories by Joyce Carol Oates. It's called Faithless. She writes mournful, desolate prose that I enjoy. There's one about a waitress that's particularly sad and depressing. On summer afternoons, when your eyelids are closing slowly like stage curtains, she makes a good read. There's a certain gumminess about her writing that goes with this weather.

The mangoes have come. And since I eat for two whenever it suits me, I've been feasting on them. Do not give me pregnant woman advice on how I should avoid papaya, pineapple, mango etc etc because I'm not going to listen to you. I eat joy-making things. I will hang upside down from a tree and eat plums if I feel like it.

The mother has been rearranging my cupboard. But I'm not angry like I used to be. Every time a parent visits, we get a newly arranged house. So for about a week, one never knows where which dal is. I'm anyway not very talented in the dal department. I only know that the one in the corner is what we put in sambar. So if someone changes that position, I am not to be blamed. I've made sambar with channa dal and not even known the difference. But I'm still zen, see? I feel sorrier for parents these days, knowing that I'm going to cross over to that side soon. I think I should stop reading Joyce Carol Oates and read something sarcastic immediately.

The doctor said the baby has very good growth. I felt like it had achieved a star in its report card. Maybe my parents adopted me from China. I should stop feeling so yay-my-baby-kicks-ass.

Okay, bye.


Srinivas said...

I miss mangoes! The ones we get here might as well be some other fruit. Occasionally, it looks yellow, otherwise not even that. And don't even ask about the taste! :D

And I think this is the second or third post you have written titled "Random Rangan".

bunckesaurasina said...

but you're tibetan di. and think about kick ass god mothers your kid is going to have and take more joy. love to mrs usha rajendran, the bringer of fish.

Anonymous said...

:) You ought not be reading mournful desolate prose.

Take care.

Karthik said...

Oh, that's lovely. Congratulations on yet to be born baby! :)
Now that you are reading mournful stories, maybe the baby will grow up to become another Khaled Hosseini. :D

CMCK said...

Promise you wont make omelette out of yellow sunsilk shampoo and shampoo your baby with egg yolk? While the latter isn't a bad choice, the former's results could be disastrous.

vishesh said...

Read Douglas Adams :D

Anonymous said...

@Vishesh - Yesss!

sudhar said...

random dal sambhar is waaay better than sambhar with rasam powder.

you rock..keep going!


Blue said...

it's as if i am reading about me - the dal stuff, not the preggie one :)

writerzblock said...

ROFL! The line on 'I've made sambar with channa dal and not even known the difference.' - that could well be me :-) And I H.A.T.E it if someone re-arranges my cupboard!!

Kookaburra said...

//I will hang upside down from a tree and eat plums if I feel like it. //

hmmmm... maharashtran mangoes .... yummy ...

now I cant recollect if I really rejoiced on green mangoes during pregnancy as many tamil stories and movies say ... have no memory!
But I loved mangoes always, especially the cheap big ones with least fibre! :)

GB said...

@Srini- Because this is also a random rangan, men.

@Buncke- No godmothers. Marx brothers are ok.

@Anon- It cheers me up, but.

@Karthik- But I want to be the best writer in the family! I'm selfish like that :D

@CMCK- You boost the confidence on yeng mother too much, ya.

@Vishesh and Anon- I'm reading Roald Dahl's children's books. Yay.

@Anonfan- You revealed off identity!!!

@Blue and Writerz- Dal is so pointless. All of it looks the same. Eww it is.

@Kookaburra- I'm eating nice, ripe ones by the dojjen!!