Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Moi and Ma Doc during ma Dialysis


Everybody on my Facebook friends list is getting engaged or married these days. Which makes me wonder how appallingly similar all our lives are. I mean, here we are thinking we're each unique and what not but we're all doing the same thing at the same time, aren't we? What a moment of epiphany, children.

On M's friends list, everyone's putting up baby or grihapravesham pictures. I go to the profile pages of my younger cousins and they are all putting up pyjama party pictures where everyone is making faces. With captions like "Sakshi, Bhakshi, Mokshi, and moi"...or "Madness!". Or some pictures at a pizza place that a poor waiter snapped while everyone was grinning consciously and touching their hair. On the profile pages of people my parents' age, I find tonnes of spam that the poor aunties and uncles invited upon themselves by clicking on Facebook viruses.

I wonder what my Facebook page will be like forty years from now. Since we're the generation that logged in before we had children of our own, our friends list will hopefully not have only sons and daughters. Maybe forty years from now people will be posting pictures of their new knee caps. Ma sparklin fake teeth. Baldness! and so on. And instead of pictures with spanking new spouses, we'd all have pictures with our doctors. It's funny to imagine how many old people are going to be there on my friends list. All these nattily-dressed dudes and shall you grey and wrinkle with every new profile picture? Of course, I'd be old too and I'd be embarrassing my children with pictures of myself in frilled frocks and hats. Maybe they'd block me and I'd start a community, the equivalent of an on ground Old Age Home, on Facebook. Maybe I'd then meet a tall dark thaatha there and have a scandalous online affair.

Life is full of possibilities.


Shilpa said...

From the title of the post to the end of the post. Hilarious!
Ma sparklin fake teeth!I really wonder how would I react if I really see an old man posting his photograph with this caption.

Zarine Mohideen said...

Hahhaa GB! You crack me up every time!

Maybe by the time we get older there will be a new Facebook :\

Anonymous said...

LOL. You are totally mental... Interacting with you anyone would become irreverent.


Srinivas said...

I will just laugh and leave it at that :D

vishesh said...

I would have deleted my FB by then... :P

Ramya said...

Hahaha. This was super funny.

R's Mom said...

hahahahha! Thats so funny...I could actually imagine an old person with a knee cap putting up that photos :)

chroniclesofablogaholic said...

Facebook might be extinct by then though...!

Anonymous said...

Pouncing imagination.And Not feverish enough to melt the insights.A sharp image of a fuzzy future!
Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living and nothing encourages creativity like the chance to fall flat on one's face.
you would not need frocks or hats to embarrass your children, I am sure.

Ugich Konitari said...

The mind boggles. If your doctor is on FB then he will have a collage from some application that says "Folks who came to you the most ", and there will be so many smiling in unbotoxed (or should I say botoxed) brilliance. If FB goes interactive video, you can even display toothless chewing and stuff .

It just occured to me that my FB page would possibly have a garlanded photo, with an application saying, "Click here to garland" and "unable to change status "....

Just saying.

Prathima said...

Directed here from Preeti's blog. Loved your blog and humor.:)

Agnija said...

Hahah! Hilarious-- although I have a theory: the middle aged blog, the goldies e-mail, the tweens tweet and the teens tumblr. By the time I am old, I may be the only one on FB!
(hopped over from IHM's)

Agnija said...

Oh and LOL at Ugich Konitari's comment!

Anonymous said...

next to war, fb is the most dehumanizing experience, ever. somehow they cease to be people and turn into a profile picture.

and only you put it across nicer than anyone else.


Anita said...

After much pondering, I have accepted that it is pretty unlikely that I am going to have an unique, off-the-beaten-path experience...But the idea of an online affair shows that maybe I should not rule out possibilities even in my dottage. Brilliant!

Sucheta said...

You have an amazing, amazing blog!

Definitely one for my reading list :)

The Bride said...

You have touching faith that FB is going to be around in our dottage.

Pixie said...

LOL!! Hopped over from IHM!
loved the post! Totally hilarious!

ROTFL @ Maybe I'd then meet a tall dark thaatha there and have a scandalous online affair.

yep. Life IS full of possibilities even 40 yrs from now! :D

indianhomemaker said...

LOL I hope we still have facebook then :)

gita said...

u r not in my friends list but is it ok if i put this in my wall ?

GB said...

@Shilpa- I'm sure it will happen. And I hope the boy will be some hot dude who never returned your affections :D Wouldn't that be some revenge?

@Zarine- Maybe. But I'm sure there will be some social networking site where people are going to put up pictures like these!

@V- How swit you are :D

@Srini- Put up a status message about the post at least, men.

@Vishesh and Chronicles- Don't be so sure. I bet you'll be there minus teeth and all!

@Ramya and R's Mom- :D

@Anon- Not sure if that's a compliment or an insult, but thanks for pouncing anyway!

@Ugich- Haha. Come, come, you can never die on the internet. One of its greatest advantages.

@Prathima- Thanks!

@Agnija- We're all going to be there, I assure you!

@Anonfan- Thank you :)

@Anita- Yes, it's something to look forward to in the wheelchair days!

@Sucheta- Thank you!!

@The Bride and IHM- *sniff* I'm an optimist like that.

@Pixie- Seventy is the new seventeen or something like that!

@Gita- Sure. No need for permission and all.

Choxbox said...


Srinivas said...

Too late now, GB, but will do it for your future posts :D

the mad momma said...

I want to meet a tall dark thatha and have a scandalous affair after you just made it sound so cool!

Fem said...

//Maybe I'd then meet a tall dark thaatha there and have a scandalous online affair.//

LOL, that has been my plan all along! Wait until I am 60 or so, and then fall in love and get married! After the scandalous affair, of course!