Monday, June 13, 2011

Sloth Bear


I went to Mahabaleshwar for two days and then to the zoo the next day. We saw a pair of sloth bears that I really liked. One of them was slumped against a wall and the other sort of got up but then slumped back again as if it had asked itself, "What's the point?" M and I spent the rest of the day pretending to be sloth bears (like you pick up the newspaper but don't read it because everything has already happened and so on. Very grown-up we are that way). There were leopards, tigers, a balled-up porcupine, and a fancy peacock, but my favourites by far were the bears. I felt a bit sorry about the deer though. Nobody really wants to see them.

It rained and rained and rained in Mahabaleshwar and I was so happy I could finally sit in a car for three hours straight without having the urge to throw up. The only room available in MTDC was an economy one. It had a tin roof and the rain chattered through the night like an annoying maami. I pretended I was a poor soul in a Tinkle story with a leaking roof and all and rubbed Axe balm all over my nose to stop the slightly suspect blankets from grossing me out with their musty smell. There were some hundred gymnastic monkeys around and it was a joy watching them.

My BP shot up for some strange reason the last time I was at the gynec's (maybe because I also got a Tetanus injection!) and she sent me to take three more readings the same week. Which of course, was not good for my BP since I spent the whole week Googling for everything horrible that could happen to me. I'm now the world's most informed person on Hypertension. The readings kept fluctuating and finally, my gynec made me lie down and said she'd call me in after a while. I sort of dozed off because it was all cool and dark. Then she suddenly came out of nowhere and checked my BP and it was perfectly fine. I think I should exchange my head for a new one and stop being such a paranoid parimala. I've promised M that the next time I have my BP reading taken, I'll pretend to be a sloth bear and just hang my arm out like I couldn't care less. I'll be all slumped up and my BP would be a dreamboat.


Srinivas said...

"the rain chattered through the night like an annoying maami." LOL. I have known some annoying maamis during my time. :D

Take care :)

Shilpa said...

Take care of yourself. :)

buddy said...

you remain hilarious!

Ugich Konitari said...

Unbeatable. Paranoid Parimala . I am dying to hear the other various phrases you have up your sleeve. Did you try googling "White coat hypertension" ? Sometimes it happens even if the gynaec is wearing a kanjeevaram.

Stay cool and take care.

Vini said...

I finally have mayil on my sidetable. One of these nights I am going to lap it up and do a review if you promise to keep your BP under control :-)

vishesh said...

Breath in, breath out. see baba ramdev. Did you eat strawberries and cream, btw?

Anonymous said...

Dear paranoid Parimala, your baby will relish some calm, positive thoughts, not your research on hyper-tension.

The Bride said...

Sloth bears are the best. We should all emulate them. Ok some of us already do.

This BP is such drama. I would often have a high BP reading on account of huffing and puffing to the gynac because I was always late for an appointment. And then when they had to recheck, the reading would still be highish because then I was stressed out that the reading would be high. Anyway, emulating a sloth is the way to go.

Anonymous said...

No harm in a little, occasional, healthy paranoia; gives one a reason to feel sorry for oneself. I'm sure that you can deal with it.

Cultivate the sloth bear attitude; healthy for body and, more importantly, mind.
M? a sloth bear? ...difficult to imagine.

Take care.


R's Mom said...

Oh take care of your health...I love Sloth bears..they have the best life ever... :)

artnavy said...

Witty as ever.

You wrote about Mahabaleshwar and
did not mention strawberries!!

Bubble Catcher said...

hey there,
am vinod's wife. the same wife who he mentioned was a big fan of your writing.well actually he has only one wife(or so I think).
Take care.

chandrima said...

Please GB, stop being hyper! There will be more than enough chances for that once the junior is out !

Vini said...

I left my notes on Mayil here - review at

chroniclesofablogaholic said...

" you pick up the newspaper but don't read it because everything has already happened and so on..."

Hahahah...hilarious! How do you come up with such stuff?! :)

Nuttie Natters said...

Lol...v cute post! take cake of looks like my new hero is the sloth bear!

Anita said...

lol. I think google has opened up a world of possibilities on the cause and final result (always terrifying) of every affliction I have. Not a good idea at all.

GB said...

@Srini and Shilpa- Yes, yes, taking care is all I'm doing!

@Buddy- Thank you!

@Ugich- Yes, I did read about it and yes, that's apparently what I have :D

@Vini- You are a doll, men.

@Vishesh- I ate strawberries minus the cream because I'm being a good mummy. Already so sacrificing, see?

@Anon- I do know that. Guess how? Because I researched that too :D

@The Bride- You have no idea how relieved you made me feel!

@Anon- M makes a very good sloth bear. One of the reasons we're married.

@R's Mom- Taking care, taking care. So bored of taking care sometimes :|

@Art- I ate strawberries, of course :)

@Bubble- Oh, when Vinod mentioned you liked my writing, I assumed you'd read the Tulika books :) Thanks!

@Chandrima- How optimistic that is!

@Chronicles- :D

@Nuttie- Definitely deserves to be.

@Anita- I know. I'm forever on some forum where a million people have my symptoms and are close to death or something.