Saturday, July 9, 2011

Girl Time!


I'm off to Chennai tomorrow for a week. And after a really, really long time, all my friends are in town and I can't wait to see all of them all at once. Wheeeeeeee. It's likely that people will try to place me under house arrest due to my delicate condition of womanhood and what not, but isssokkayyy, I plan to run out anyway! I'm also the first pregnant sistahh of the group, so I'm going to show off my yawning baby ultrasound (yes, that's what GBM was doing during the 20 weeks scan- yawning so widely that the doctor giggled).

I remember there's this passage in Mrs Dalloway where Clarissa meets her friend Sally after ages and this Sally who used to be quite the rebel during their student years says, "I have four enormous boys!" N told me even when we were studying the text in class that she was sure I'd turn up one day like that and tell her something similar. Quite the prophet, N.

Some of my happiest memories are from my college days. We spent those three years whining about how horrible college was and how moronic our professors were and how nobody understood the angst and pointlessness of human existence. But funnily, we were having the time of our lives. There's this surprise b'day party that we threw for N which especially makes me crack up to this day.

Two days before N's b'day, we called up her mum and told her to leave the gates unlocked the next night. The plan was that we'd arrive at around 10 PM and wait on N's terrace (the stairs to which are outside the house) and then call her up at 12 and blah blah. But as it happened, N's mum forgot about this and locked the gates. A bunch of us arrived in an auto very grandly and promptly at 10 and were stumped as to what to do next. If we called her mum and asked her to open the gate, N would realize something was up. So what we did, we climbed the gate and jumped off, cake and all. The auto driver was vastly amused by this but apart from him, nobody else saw us.

We then went up the stairs quietly and settled down on the terrace. Just then, N's neighbour, the very famous Mouna Raagam Karthik sauntered into his terrace for a smoke. We kept playing ringtones from his movies to annoy him and the poor man finally gave up and went in. After about an hour or so, we decided that it was time for the party to begin. So what we did, we made J call up N and cry to her saying that she'd run away from home and was now on N's terrace. This might appear filmy to some of you, but J is one of those people who can pull this stunt off perfectly well. Besides, we were all at that point in the Wahhhhhh-I-want-to-move-out-of-my-house phase. N was flabbergasted. She was terrified that J had gone insane (in her defence, J did sound demented) and what in the world would her parents say if they found out that a runaway girl was on their terrace?

But N is also one of those people who will put up with any amount of bullshit if she considers you to be her friend. So she quietly crept out of her house and started climbing the stairs. At this point, J started clicking pictures of N's harassed and confused face and N was convinced that J had indeed gone mad. When she finally came up and saw us, her face looked like she'd been fed a diet of pullipumittais all her life. She was furious to start with because she really did think J was off her rocker. But then, we were all rather hysterical by this time and N couldn't keep up her wounded expression for long. We cut the cake and all and then went downstairs to sleep in N's room.

Which is when we saw N's dad standing outside with a torch, looking extremely worried. You see, he'd woken up in the middle of the night and realized that N was missing. As were her chappals. And he thought N had run away from home.

He was shocked to see a bunch of hysterical girls in his backyard and we all got a nice earful about it. But of course, we thought this was even funnier though we mollified him sufficiently with the leftover cake. Then, we went to bed without a care in the world.

I don't think I've ever laughed as much as I did that night or been that juvenile. Since then, we've all grown up quite a bit and become less giggly in normal life. But every time we meet up, we magically turn mental again and keep laughing for no good reason at all other than the fact that everything is funny. Touchwood.


Srinivas said...

A HUUUUUUGE smile in response to that post :). Made my ever-so-normal Saturday a little crazy and that helps. :D

As for Chennai, the place per se holds little charm for me these days. But yes spending time with friends is always one of life's finest joys.


SarangN said...

Nostalgia I can identify with! Nothing like a dose of insanity when you're with friends. To hell with "growing up" and "being mature"! Way to go, GB! :)

vishesh said...

Welcome to Chennai.

shilpasharmaonline said...

:D Have fun with your friends! :)

Nilu said...

Very funny!!!!!!!!! Wow...don't remember when I laughed this much!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Mental. Have a nice time. :)


chroniclesofablogaholic said...

Have fun, GB! :)

dipali said...

Have a blast, GB! Loved that birthday party:)

smartassbride said...

Have fun!

Vivek said...

please do continue blogging.
at least some comic relief is provided to us.

celestialrays said...

Came here for the first time and happily read so many posts. What fun! And to think I had not chanced upon this blog for so long! :D

Love your style of writing :D

Dee said...

Hi, Read your blog, and cannot help exploding into laughter... :) I actually came here from IHM's blog where you'd commented on arranged marriages and I'd replied below that. Love your style. And am I thrilled that you wrote Aana and Chena!! Had it sent over from India for my son (all of 8 months), who loves it, but only from the chewing point of view. Anyway, keep writing.

Manju said...

Came to your blog for the first time, and read so many posts, they were so hilarious, I am sitting in the office and laughing away rof. Great writing, very natural, love it!