Tuesday, September 6, 2011

To Do List


  • Three book reviews for a lit journal that I need to submit by the end of the month. Two of these are picture books which I've finished reading. The third is a novel called iBoy and I can't bring myself to read it. Every time I look at it, I want to cover myself with the quilt and pretend I'm too fatigued to read. The book itself doesn't seem to be too bad- and I did choose to review it. I think my reluctance has to do with the fact that I don't want to read anything which I already don't know is good. Which is probably why I'm only re-reading stuff these days.

  • Put away all the pregnancy books and stop visiting all the baby sites of the world. Enough. I don't want to know if it's common to develop hemorrhoids in Week 34 or see pink rhinoceroses in Week 38. I really don't want to see any more 'PUSSSSSSSSHHHHHHH' diagrams. I read the pregnancy Bible- What to Expect When Expecting- and I think there are far too many jokes in parentheses in the book. I wish I could write one line reviews like this for that journal and forget about it.

  • Prepare for a creative writing workshop that I'm conducting in another 10 days. Apparently, some 200 kids are going to show up. I have no idea what profound truths about creative writing I'm going to reveal. Maybe I'll just make up stuff on the spot. Waking up at 3 AM and staring in an Easterly direction opens the Creative chakra that is located between your left eyebrow and right nostril.

  • The prenatal exercises I learned in my first prenatal class. So far, I've been doing them with great enthusiasm. But it's only been three days. I hope I don't get too impatient and stretch in all directions all at once to prove how fast I am. I must remember this is not about being fast.

  • Wrap up the project I'm working on before November. Though I'm getting really bored of it.

  • Stop getting irritated with people who advise me to eat saffron (so I can produce a 'white' baby), who tell me I don't look seven months pregnant (here's an idea- you aren't my doctor, so why don't you just shut up?), who tell me not to walk so fast or for so long (I can still walk for an hour and I will- too bad if that horrifies you), who think I must be anemic because they were when they were seven months pregnant (though I've eaten more dates and raisins than an Arab and have lab results to prove it), who think a six-kg weight gain is too less (though my doctor thinks it's good and the baby is doing just fine), who tell me not to buy baby clothes already because it's like tempting fate (so I'm supposed to leave a newborn naked bang in the middle of Winter when it comes?) and basically, all those who think they know everything about pregnancy just because they were pregnant once.

  • Blog whenever I feel blah and not wait for some fantastic idea to crop up in my head. I don't think I'm going to feel fantastically original for a while.
That's all.


karthick r said...

// Waking up at 3 AM and staring in an Easterly direction opens the Creative chakra that is located between your left eyebrow and right nostril.


Srinivas said...

As always, good to read your updates :) And it's excellent to know that you can - and DO - still walk an hour!

All the best with the workshop, the review and the November project.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Stop getting irritated with people who advice me to eat saffron (so I can produce a 'white' baby),
Great to hear that; thanks. :)

To clarify on the myth eating saffron to produce a white baby ...
The color of the baby (as are a lot of traits) is determined by genes which are inherited from the parents / ancestors. Eating saffron does not produce a 'white baby', unless it has been established that saffron has the property to effect 'directed mutation'. However, saffron is believed to have anti-depression properties and is used in treating melancholy. (Source: Web)

- Uncle OT
PS: Did you make that biryani?

R's Mom said...

GB, GB - Take a deep breath and relax babes..

its okie...people WILL give advice, you should not even let it enter your ears..just nod your head in a stupid manner as if its profound knowledge :)

dont visit pregnancy sites...thats the only advice from this mom of a three year old :)

hugs and take care of the baby inside you....he/she needs your sense of humor if not anything :)

The Bride said...

Haww I did not read What to Expect nor did I take a prenatal class. V googled prenatal yoga videos on youtubed (youtubled?) but I didn't like them.

Why am I not surprised India has its own version of the make-your-baby white foods? In HK, I was advised to drink milk to make baby white, and to avoid soy sauce to avoid baby being dark. You'd think Indian mums were all soy sauce freaks which is why we land up with predominantly dark-skinned babies.

RS said...

GB, You think people will stop giving you advice after the baby comes out - you will be dished out more and more such stuff - so take a deep breath and say the Mantra: " I will not let useless comments get near my ears" !

As for gaining only 6kg weight - Boy! Am I finally gald to meet you - I put on only 6kgs during pregnancy and everyone looked at me like I was starving myself!! AND I got sick of eating sprouts and apples!!

Tell me later if your Prenatal class really helped you - I never did take one...

And All the best!!

Anjana R said...

for some reason i must admit i do feel a little out of place here, as opposed to your older posts.
my friend did indeed gain a few pounds during her pregnancy last year, but though she hasnt lost it, she looks fab!
oh and and she likes kesar-badam milk anyway regardless of being pregnant or not. all the best. :)

Cocktail Party said...

I loved ur list. This post is funny as usual. And I love ur style of writing - full of humour.

chandrima said...

:), Well I was pregnant once, so I feel it will be a good idea to keep quite now when I see you next!
But I will wait when you will be mother and meet a first time pregnant lady down the street ;)

vishesh said...

Lit Journal. Ha! Which one?

Workshop? Interesting. Can I come?

What are you going to name the baby? *runs*

CMCK said...

Ha ha ha!!! good luck with everything.

starry eyed said...

Just tell 'em, "Oooh, that was a hilarious comment/opinion/piece of advice...can you give me a pencil to write it down for my next book/blogpost/workshop."

//all those who think they know everything about pregnancy just because they were pregnant once// Thassthepoint...if you've gone thru it once, you're automatically qualified to dispense advice. And the heartening news is most women have been pregnant and raised a child...so keep that pencil ready :-D

All the best with the reviews and workshop!!

Sowmya said...

Cant believe the first person to reply asked u: "Waking up at 3 AM and staring in an Easterly direction opens the Creative chakra that is located between your left eyebrow and right nostril.


LOLLLL really....

dipali said...

All the best with all of the above, particularly in dealing with the unwanted advice givers

GB said...

@Karthick r- Did you try it?

@Srini- Thank you, thank you!

@Visitor- Made it several times. I need the protein ;)

@R's Mom- Yes, yes, I know it never ends. That's why I'm going to be a pleasant person when I hear all these things.

@Bride- Yeah! If this saffron thing were true, all South Indians should look Caucasian by now! What to Expect is good- but I got it only recently and by now, I've already read most of what it has to say from other sources. The prenatal exercises are pretty good though- I enjoy doing them.

@RS- Yeah, I've never eaten as much as I'm eating now ever in my life but people keep wondering if it's enough. I mean...there's a baby inside me, not an escaped anaconda!

@Anjana- I was, in no way, suggesting that women shouldn't put on more than 6 kgs or whatever during their pregnancy. And in fact, I made no attempt to diet at all (pregnancy would be a funny time to attempt one!)- I've just been eating healthy (mostly- it's not like I haven't had my share of jalebis or apple pies!) because that's good for the baby and this is the amount of weight I've gained by doing that. Also, we have a strong history of diabetes in the family and I didn't want to risk developing gestational diabetes. I enjoy my daily walks and saw no reason to stop just because I'm pregnant...especially since it's doing me a world of good!

@Cocktail- Thank you!

@Chandrima- Okay, O Wise One!

@Vishesh- The Book Review. You are too old for the workshop :D Baby names- there's a shortlist, but haven't decided yet!


@Starry- Good idea!!

@Sowmya- Hehe.

@Dipali- Thank you!!

karthick r said...

Hee..! so simple eh? Sit and stare?
But 3 am is the one that's stopping me :)
How about trying it at 9 after a cup of hot filter kappi?
//I'm nocturnal most of the times.

vishesh said...

I am too old? *sobs*

Swati said...

hehe ..i can so identify with your state of mind ..its just 2 more weeks for me :)