Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What the Baby Did


And no, the baby isn't here yet. My due date is November 19 though I'm full-term and everything and the baby can come any minute blah blah.

I've been neglecting this blog for a while. Every time I think I should write something or even reply to the comments that people have taken the effort to leave here, I feel like a particularly dopey tortoise. I really, simply, just want the baby OUT. Gahh. I want to eat a nice, unhealthy, bacteria-filled roadside shawarma without a care in the world. I want to sleep on my stomach. I want to watch violent TV. I want know...BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH.

Okay, I'm not suffering from some depression or something. I'm actually remarkably cheery these days. I've manically cleaned up my cupboard to accommodate the baby stuff. I've caught up with my reading. I even went and watched 7aam Arrivu in a faraway theatre with my medical files (you know, in case my water broke and we had to rush to the hospital or something....I'm filmy like that). The movie was terrible but I had a great time. I was the only buffoon laughing throughout the film in the entire theatre.

Enough about me. Here's something about the baby!

What the baby likes me to eat:

1. Guava
2. Yogurt
3. Fish (okay, that's just me...but never mind)

The baby gets mad if I don't eat lunch by 1 pm. It starts off by wiggling and then stubbornly kicking me till I put something into my mouth. After that, the baby gives a few happy kicks and falls asleep. I'm supposed to eat dinner by 8 pm too. Breakfast- not later than 9 am. The baby thinks it's my mother.

The baby falls asleep if I sing 'Found a Peanut' (my favourite nursery rhyme when I was a kid) and rub my stomach.

The baby stays quiet if M places his hand on my stomach. But kicks if he places his head on it. It thinks my mother's hand and mine are the same.

The baby likes the Senorita song from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

The baby likes to kick as I keep count when I'm doing my prenatal exercises.

The baby gets excited by its own heartbeat. Every time the doctor brings the doppler near me, the baby jumps around.

I think these are accomplishments enough for so small a being. That's all for now. Hopefully, by the time I post next, the baby will be out and kicking me in person.


The Bride said...

You do not want the baby out. Believe me. Baby is easier and less bossy inside. If you think baby is controlling you now, just you wait. Muahahahaha.

Gayatri said...

good luck and fingers crossed :)

artnavy said...

baby rule from now on... all the best

Ramya said...

All the best!

Srinivas said...

Hey, all the best and take care :)

I am going to recommend your blog - especially your posts over the last nine months - to my sister with the fraternal hope that it keeps her in good cheer :)

RS said...

Awwww! Already the baby is so busy! :-D

And trust me- its only going to get much tougher.So all the best!

starry eyed said...

The baby has good taste in Bollywood songs :) Adore that song myself.

All the best...looking forward to your rib-tickling version of your delivery :P Hugs!

Bhargavi said...

Happy waiting ! oh,btw, I don't think I can stalk your blog any more than I already am :-)

vishesh said...

Looks like "All the best" is the most appropriate comment(from what others have said), so,


Prathima said...

take care and get ready for sleepless nights:)

Kookaburra said...

great observations! you are going to be a good mother - you are listening already!

chandrima said...

I very much agree with the Bride and Kookaburra..
I must tell you even after the baby-birth there will be a long wait until you can really go and eat from street side stalls, and then also a one year old will be looking at you, so I guess you will then decide not to go to the street side foodies. You will desperately try to mimic them on your clean kitchen hob!

Anonymous said...

And I agree with The Bride and Kookaburra.

-Uncle OT

GB said...

@Everyone- Yes, yes, I know I shouldn't be tempting fate by asking the baby to come early and I know I probably won't be able to do some advanced level adventure life in the next couple of years :)But I'm just tired of WAITING!! Nine months is too long. Apparently, African elephants are pregnant for 22 months :| I'm glad I'm not one.

poorna said...

Your baby's due on Nov 19th! Baby will share birthday with Meg Ryan and *cough* me.

Good luck and fingers crossed :)

dipali said...

Let's see when the baby arrives! A Scorpio baby like yours truly! Seems like a clever little tyke! Take care, GB, and rest while you can- your world will change only too soon.

Chiniiz n Sugarz Mom.. Swati said...

Cute.. Very cute post.. Good luck to u!

celestialrays said...

Smiling wide at the baby thinking that it is your mother :-)