Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bye Bye...For Now


I'm afraid this blog is going to fall asleep for a while. I'm getting back to regular work from today (though I'll still be working from home). I've also crash-landed on a lot of writing work (more details on that later!) which means I'm going to be spending whatever time and energy I have on moving ahead with that. Of course, all this is going to happen in between feeding GBM and changing a million nappies.

I'm an optimist, looks like.

Actually, GBM has done wonders for my writing. I've always worked better when I have a deadline. Otherwise, I'm quite likely to open an MS Word doc auspiciously and then waste the rest of the day refreshing my Facebook homepage or reading Rediff message boards. Now, I'm so sincere to my writing, I ideate while feeding her and then quickly put it down the second she falls asleep. Yay me. I must be Superman.

So till I manage to pack in blogging too in this wonderful schedule, astalavista, as they say in Konkani.


R's Mom said...

Awww! We will miss you..but again work and baby are definitely more important..see if you can squeeze may be two or three sentences once in a

Anonymous said...

Mighty impressive, GB! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Happy ideating.

-Uncle OT
PS: Of course we'll miss you. :|

Srinivas said...

"astalavista, as they say in Konkani." - hehehe!

All the best with the work!

RS said...

Hmmm... Once in a while blogging to keep is updated about the little one plz?

Anonymous said...

"GBM has done wonders for my writing"---is it not an under-statement my dear?

Anonymous said...

I will miss your writings. All the best for the busy life ahead.