Thursday, December 22, 2011

What GBM Did


Ah well, here I am, behaving like Jayasuriya, promising to retire but coming back. By public demand (and also because I'm like any other obnoxious parent who wants to keep boasting about their offspring's genius), here's some news on GBM.

She's 5 weeks and 3 days old today.

GBM now sleeps for five to six hours at a stretch at night. Wakes up, feeds, fusses for a bit, and then sleeps again for three hours. In her crib. Ha. Ha to all the nay-sayers who said babies will refuse to sleep by themselves.

Obviously, this has more to do with GBM's personality than my star parenting skills, but I'll take credit for it anyway :D

GBM has decided that one colossal dump a day is enough. Not for her the tiny bird-like droppings through the day. Our girl does it once and does it explosively. So everyone knows she's arrived. This saves me considerable laundry time.

GBM wakes up in the evening between six and seven and insists on staying awake for three hours after that. During this time, she wants to be fed, cleaned, and taken sight-seeing all at the same time. Nobody knows why exactly she chooses this time. We call it the Koundamani Phenomenon (those of you who watch Tamil movies will undoubtedly remember Koundamani's 6'0 clock maalai kannu problem). She acts cranky towards the end of this period and is somewhat soothed if we play Beethoven symphonies. Yeah, that's right. I told you my daughter is a genius. Shuddup.

GBM reads books. Okay, not reads exactly. But she does look intently when I flip the pages and point to illustrations. That's almost the same thing, you must agree.

Earlier, I used to wait for her to fall asleep. Now, I wait for her to get up. I must be in love.


Okay, bye. This time, I really, really am going! *waves bat at audience*


The Bride said...

Yay for Jayasuriya-like behavior. Yay, for babies that sleep by themselves - the problem is not all babies do, and it is infuriating to listen to people whose babies do tell you that it can be done, you are just not trying. One collosal dump or even none for several days is normal for breastfed babies. Waiting for baby to get up? You are in love :)

Anonymous said...

Obnoxious is the wrong adjective; gushing is more like it.
Proves that you're a perfectly normal parent.

Ha. Ha to all the nay-sayers who said babies will refuse to sleep by themselves.
Don't say it aloud - kannu pattuda pogudhu... :|

Loved this update on GBM.

-Uncle OT

R's Mom said...

Glad you are back and are a fan of Jayasuriya's behaviour..keep that up okie?

please put a kala tikka to this post...imagine 5 weeks and 3 days and taking only one dump and sleeping for 5 to 6 hours..and that too in her crib *gasp* you dont know how lucky you seriously dont..

GBM - this is SUPER great blackmail material for you when you grow up and amma doesnt let you read your favorite book one more time..okie :)

smartassbride said...

gone case. head over heels and all that. ISO certified love, this is.

Srinivas said...

Beautiful last line :)

Jayasuriya's return from retirement was to everyone's dismay. :D Your posts are anything but that (which is an understatement).

Kudos to GBM! :)

karthick r said...

More like Afridi
Anyways, keep writing. :)
~ cheers.!

Anonymous said...

A joyful heart is the inevitable result of a heart burning with love.

Living in the moment brings you a sense of reverence for all of life's joys. Congratulations to you for being capable of experiencing this wonderful joy. For very often we overlook the happiness in our lives that it is not yet a memory.
You realize now that you do not just live in world but a world lives in you.
Hope this rythm and harmony give you all the positive energy you need to bring up this precious little one into a bundle of joy!

semi said...

Haha xD How lucky! and ore the mummy louwes :P

chandrima said...

Cool!! new love is on your way!

Jamestywn said...

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