Friday, February 10, 2012

Happa Shappa


So wazzzzzzuuppp with me? I wish I could tell you I'm just back from backpacking all over Portugal. But obviously, by the time I'll be able to do that, I'll be comparing notes with M on joint pain. What I did do though was watch Season 4 of Dexter once again. Because stupid Landmark didn't have any other season and M just got whatever was there. But it was well worth it because Rita Morgan gets killed at the end of this season and she's undoubtedly one of the most annoying characters ever. I'm so glad she's gone, golden hair and all.

I may not be going backpacking, but we go for family drives and all, you know? Our Saturday routine is to take GBM out for an hour's drive and stop at Brownie Cottage (yes, really) for coffee and brownies. It's the high point of my social life and I look forward to it with great enthusiasm. Apart from this, I go for long walks in the evening and I've realized that I actually enjoy chit-chatting with neighbours and such like. I'm not really as anti-social as I prided myself to be. Cha. 

I've managed to finish half of The Emperor of All Maladies. It not only traces the history of cancer but traces the history of medicine itself. Without sounding all Gupta-Age, of course. When I got back home after my surgery, I watched a Youtube video of a C-section just so I could understand and remember all that had been done to me. When reading the book, I couldn't help but wonder how terrible my own surgery would have been without anesthesia or antibiotics.  Phew. I felt very connected to the past and all.  Very Hegelian, you know? How we're all part of a flow that started somewhere and will go on forever and forever till some spoilsport meteor decides to end it. And Bruce Willis fails to save us.

The rights for one of my picture books, Power Cut! has been bought over by Oxford University Press,Pakistan. I did not marry a Pakistani man, but I've done my bit for aman ki asha. Yay. My short story is also appearing in this anthology:

It's not out yet, so no need to form midnight queues and all, okay? But be excited.

M and I celebrated our anniversary last month. I sent M out for a lunch and movie all by himself (since it'd be too intense for GBM to chug along for all these activities). Getting to spend some alone-time was his anniversary gift. So romantic we are.

And what was mine? 

A diamond nose stud.


R's Mom said...

You got a diamond nose stud..and where exactly do you plan to use it...for GBM eh?

Happy Belated Anniversary...

Congrats and more congrats on the brownies, books and brotherhood encouragements with the neighbours

Now where is the next year to Mayil???

Say Cheese said...

Congratulations for the Oxford University Press thing and the diamond. And Happy (belated) Anniversary. :) Cheers!

karthick r said...

I'm tempted to say
"Getting to spend some alone-time was his anniversary gift" >> A diamond nose stud

~ Cheers.!

My Era said...

Happy Belated Anniversary GB :)
Congratulations on being a published writer :)

Zarine Mohideen said...

I'm halfway through The Emperor of All Maladies too! It's such an intense book.

Congrats on the book and the diamond stud. I wish I could sing Happy Anniversary tooo youuuuuu.

Ramya said...

Happy Anniversary and here's to many more! Also, congratulations on the OUP thing!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you and M. And that is an interesting,though am guessing treasured gift :)

vishesh said... Ha! Good. Awesome. Yay! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi, wanted to let you know I enjoy reading your blog and think you're a versatile blogger. Drop by my blog to collect the tag.

KMKH said...

Well that was stupid. Im trying the post again hoping this time i wont be anonymous. Adding link to comment as well. Blogger I may be but simple stuff still confounds me!

Please drop by for the tag.

Kookaburra said...

and you wrote a book (that is available) in nine languages?!! WOW! just went to the powercut link and found out ...

I hope you get your turn for movie night soon! :) your words reminded me of my walks and occasional talks ... yes they are precious ...

Sinduja said...

Aaaaarrgggghh GB, GB, GB! You shouldn't have told me about Rita Morgan!! I am still in season 2 :( Atleast, a spoiler alert would have been great. Sigh! She dies? I actually liked her you know.

Anonymous said...

Yay for the news about "Power cut".

Happy anniversary.

-Uncle OT
PS: Diamond stud! Wow, M does things with style. I hope aunt OT doesn't read this post. I don't remember if I've bought her any anniversary gift at all!

GB said...

@R's Mom- On my nose wonly, man! I'm pierced and cool, ok?

About Mayil- patience, patience!

@Say Cheese- Thanks!

@Karthick- I agree 100%. Diamond nose stud can be bought by Mastercard but the gift of Time is priceless.

@My Era- Thank you!

@Zarine- Yeah, I'm not a big non-fiction reader but this book is great. And thanks!

@Ramya- Thangyous!

@Anon- Which is an interesting gift? Mine or his?

@Vishesh- oh.ah.oh.yay.

@KMKH- Happens to the best of us :) Will do!

@Kookaburra- All my picture books are available in 9 languages :)

@Sinduja- Season 2??! The whole world knows she died, men! Where have you been?? :P But sorry, ok?

@Uncle OT- Tell Aunty OT that it's not enough to drop hints and such like. One must state clearly what one's expectations are to have them met. Besides, I just gave birth and all. I've become a holy thai.

dipali said...

Happa happa Anniversary, diamond shiamond and all:) I like M having a movie treat to himself:)
I was reading The Emperor of all Maladies and loving it, and got sidetracked by various travels:( Need to get back to it. We certainly do live in the best possible age for medical advances so far, thank goodness!

GB said...

@Dipali- Yeah, I keep getting sidetracked too! But I'm determined to finish it!

semi said...

yay! Rita is annoying but paavam though =(
Season 6 is the best yet! Don't want to spoil your exp though watch fast! :P

and when is the book releasing? =)

Scribblehappy said...

Happy Belated Anniversary, GB!! Congrats on the new book--you've certainly done your bit for aman ki asha!!!
I read The Emperor of Maladies some months back and all the while kept marvelling at the fact that such a comprehensive account of the history of treatment of cancer--a daunting and gloomy subject for sure--can be so lucidly and sensitively written. I found myself taking a sneaking pride in Mukherjee's India connection.